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Hello dear Secret Santa, my name is Reg and you don't know me. I lurked in the due South fandom a bazillion years ago and missed my calling, but here I am twenty years later to put that mistake to right. In any case it's quite obvious if you are cursed with gifting me that what I want is quite possibly either all over the place or oddly specific, so here is my dear Santa letter to hopefully clear up some of that confusion. None the less, I hope you do with the request what you will, and in the general scheme of things I hope you enjoy writing for me.

As you can tell from my requests I like my main guys, all alone or in any combination. Write me a fic about Fraser flossing his teeth if that's what you feel like and I'd probably love it. Well okay, a fic about all the cars Ray Kowalski has owned, I don't know; all I'm saying is give me boys demonstrating the passion and life we see in them in the show and I am one content puppy.

But specifics here, let's break it down:
Challenge 1 is sort of like, somewhere between feed me kink and give me all the awkwardness. I love fics set in Vegas, where Ray has to keep his undercover identity intact no matter the cost, I like fics set at Vecchio's wedding to Stella where RayK needs some TLC, I like awkward discovering each other on stake outs or bank vaults or locked in tight places, guys switching roles or fighting for dominance (Ray/Ray especially), semi-public police station restroom liaisons and Fraser out of his depth (or maybe the opposite) at bdsm meets and bondage clubs. Accidental or very much on purpose, raging with UST or maybe just a desperate situation turning physical, do with it what you will.

Challenge 2 is the most specific of the three. Consensual or nonconsensual memories are haunting one of the boys. Any of the three is fine. Maybe RayV's breakup with Irene was motivated by her brother in a more physical way, maybe Vegas broke him/got him addicted to something, maybe Victoria's back in town, or her tragic murder gets Fraser catatonic with grief, maybe something truly traumatic happened to RayK that made him so willing to lend himself to undercover work. It doesn't have to be explored in present tense, it can be implied or mentioned through flashbacks, the point is whoever it is needs healing. It doesn't have to be shippy--so long as the real tenderness and dedication they have to each other as partners shows through, I will be content to the end of my days.

Challenge 3 I threw in because given, the first two have potential to be really kinky or really dark, and maybe a lighter note was needed. It's a get out of jail free card, maybe, in that all I really want is partners being partners. Maybe there's a relationship element, in which case take your pic of the suggested prompts or make up your own. I am all for soft and fluffy, for adventures where they just hang out, for closets and campfires and gently rocking to sleep on a sailboat. The affection and trust they have for each other, whether pure friendship or something more, is the most important element.

I hope that goes some way to filling in the blanks between the prompts, but whatever you write I'm sure I'll love every word of it.
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