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Horsemen Apocalypse Plot Part 2

Welcome to part two of our planning post! Part one HERE.

The story so far: Lucifer has stolen the four rings of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which are from the world of Supernatural and contain the powers of the Horsemen. In the coming days, he will be distributing these rings to his chosen Ringbearers; Pestilence to Hannibal's Frederick Chilton, War to Community's Jeff Winger and Famine to SHIELD's Raina. Then, come June, all Hell will break loose. Mostly. It'll try.

The Ringbearer Plot will last from June 1st to June 7th, with the stages staggered so that the effects last for three days each. Now that ringbearers have been chosen, we're ready to share the details with you all and get you plotting together, so feel free to use this post to make your plans! First, just a wall of text for you to read through:

Remember that being affected by rings is OPT-IN, and can be mixed in with whatever else you're doing. Involvement in the logs isn't essential to be able to use the effects in your own network posts or logs of your own. Basically, just have as much fun with it as you can, it makes us happy.

The Oneiroi Fever, June 1st to June 3rd

Showrunner: Frederick Chilton

As one of the ring bearers, Chilton's personal power will direct the manifestation of Pestilence. The Pestilence ring intermingling with Frederick Chilton's imPort-born sedative excretion will create the Oneiroi Fever, a pestilence that will make victims seem as though they are in a state of deep sedation, even living death.. This plague will be consciousness borne and will infect sentient people at random (of the humanoid variety, animals are excluded -- Chilton's interest is in people). Infection-by-consciousness ensures that a player does not have to be in proximity of an infected person to risk infection; you just have to THINK about them.

ONSET SYMPTOMS include haziness, hallucinatory dreamlike things intermingling with reality, sluggishness, loss of motor skills. This would be a relatively rapid descent into indefinite slumber, the quickest case taking mere minutes while the more resistant might fend it off for up to a couple of hours.

VICTIM LEVELS include three options, depending on what you want your infected character to suffer. While all victims will be physically unresponsive to the outside world, a magic/sleep skills-based character with a milder infection IS ALLOWED to communicate beyond their physical limitations if their power set allots for it. Otherwise, for all intents and purposes, you are dead unconscious.

Victims of the Oneiroi Fever CAN INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER in the "dreamscape". Consider it a collective unconsciousness, haha. HA. If someone with a milder case interacts with someone who is more severely infected, the milder case imPort risks greater infection. Victims roughing the "dreamscape" will face literally whatever they can imagine; while their physical forms cannot possibly sustain damage from their dreams, their psyches sure can. Dream agony feels just like real agony.

The mildest of the three. This level concerns the people in your life, and their cruelty or kindness you interpret. Ever wake up suddenly angry with someone, because they tipped a bowl of cereal on your head in your dream? That's Morpheus. It's the people person's dream state.

The middle range. The victim will suffer surrealistic fantasy dreams that are weird and absurd. This is the strangest of sleep, the unnerving nature of your mind. It can go dark, or funny, and the setting of a Phantasos level will involve woods, caverns, mountains, and other natural settings.

The nightmare level. Catastrophe happens. Everything you most dread, every little horrific whisper in the back of your mind, that's going to happen with a Phoebeter severity.

THE CURE is simple. It can be deduced by characters, it can be found out accidentally -- however that is played out is individually up to you. The character who wishes to cure a victim of the Oneiroi Fever MUST expose how they truly and sincerely FEEL about the infected victim to the victim's face. And yes, despite the appearance of being recently deceased, the victim WILL hear what you have to say. It will cut through their "dreamscape" like the voice of God, but only they will head it in "dreamscape" land.

All characters will wake up by midnight on the 3rd, regardless of whether or not they've been cured.

OPT-OUT: the plague is spread randomly from its originator point (i.e. by player choice), and will not necessarily infect everyone who comes into contact with it.

BONUS ROUND: Lucifer himself may be dropping into some dreams to see the effects of his meddling, please visit Reg's permission post HERE.

Lawyers Suck, June 3rd to June 5th

Showrunner: Jeff Winger

Next up is the War Ring, which will bring with it plenty of arguments, fights and a death toll. There will be two stages to the developing symptoms of War, and will be spread via proximity to the ringbearer, Jeff Winger. Thanks to his work on television, Jeff will be doing plenty of travelling between cities to get the right shots (with focus on his home town, Nonah), while spreading the effects of war to any in the vicinity he goes to. Any character wanting to feel the effects of this ring are welcome to it.


Stage 1 will begin with a mild level of irritation. Victims may experience irritability, a step up in aggression, mild paranoia and the tendency to take things way out of context. During this stage Jeff will be close by to give out <i>encouragement</i>, finding argumentative friends and groups and willing them along with words of support. Think your friend is being a dick? Oh, Jeff <i>totally</i> agrees, surely you won't stand for that?! Did that guy just suggest something inappropriate? Maybe you better show him just what you think about that. Is that person over there actually a demon sent to take over humanity? Better go call them out on it! There might even be the occasional Winger Speech popping up here and then to inspire and rally the troops.

Jeff, however, will be playing for both sides, switching between people to egg them on in the hope of entertaining outcomes. His words are persuasive and with the effects of War behind them it's all just building up to the next stage…

Don't want an annoying lawyer and TV crew hanging around and goading you? The effects of war will work just fine without his helping shove towards chaos, Jeff is nonessential personnel to the fun and games, so feel free to take the angry to networks or your own logs.

Stage 2 will come a few hours after exposure to the ring's effects and will ultimately be what brings about the true ability of the ring. When reaching this stage victim's paranoia will start to deepen, giving way to the chance of hallucinations which can be shared with others, likely seeing people - either npcs or player characters - as familiar evil from their own world, the game world, or even SPN style demons. Those in this state will be able to easily form allegiances to fight their so called enemies and will experience an explosive temper, violent tendencies and a lower moral restraint. This is the stage where things really start to kick off, with the possibility for violence and, if approved below, death tolls.

Characters in this stage may go back to their government housing, for example, and discover that everyone dorming with them have suddenly become Russian spies! They'd better do something to stop it! They may step out on the street, having come from The Walking Dead to discover that everyone in the world is zombies! Behead the nearest stranger and run, right?

Illusions won't hold to what people are saying/doing, but that's where the paranoia comes in. Russian spies would swear that they're not Russian spies, wouldn't they? And if these Walking Dead zombies are talking then what does that say about you beheading your best friend in their sleep?

War will only be spread to those in Winger's general vicinity. Character's can just avoid crossing paths with him or not be in the same town at the same time to not feel the effects.

: Jeff will be taking his film crew round and capturing your discomfort, while possibly instigating some more of his own because he's a douchebag.


Flowers are bad, June 5th to June 7th

Showrunner: Raina

Raina will be receiving the famine ring from Lucifer knowingly and decide the best way to spread its reach is through her flower making ability. In preparation for the event, Raina will tap into the ring's power as she produces a massive amount of strong-smelling flowers before surrendering the ring willingly to Dean. These flowers will then be distributed out either by Raina personally or through some of Lucifer's minions worshippers, infecting any person who happens to catch their scent.

For how your character may end up with a flower, think old ladies on the street handing flowers to strangers/devil worshipping florists sending out free ~romantic~ deliveries/imPort fans thrusting random bouquets at the people they meet. They may simply be present in the decorative displays on a restaurant table, or they may be wound into your hair by friendly hippies. Feel free to come up with your own ideas.

ONSET SYMPTOMS: The famine ring works by digging into whatever your character is starved for. This means, the effects could manifest themselves in various ways depending on the character! Perhaps they have been repressing a crush and will feel the compulsive need to confess. Perhaps they have been on a strict diet and will feel the need to binge eat the whole time they are affected. Perhaps they will throw all caution to the wind and just indulge in a 48 hour sexathon! The options are unlimited!

As for how the famine will take effect, any character who happens to smell one of the infected flowers will suddenly feel a compulsive urge to act on their particular famine symptom. Their inhibitions will be thrown to the wind, and the character themselves may not even notice their behavior is odd. The longer and more prolonged their exposure to the flowers, the deeper they will sink into their particular symptom -- the more likely they will be to not feel any remorse, guilt, or regret associated with their actions until the ring's power has run its course.

The effects will fade as the flowers wilt naturally. Subsequently, the flowers can be killed prematurely and thus cause the effects to fade sooner! So bust out those weed killers, folks.

OPT OUT: Famine will be spread only through the scent of the flowers. As long as a character remains unexposed, they will be unaffected!

Abduxel will be going about delivering Raina's flowers to the outside of churches, public gardens, adding them to restaurant bouquets - also drug rehab centers, oops - and will be making private deliveries of flowers to all sorts of people (especially his own CR). To sign up for Abduxel to drop your character a flower - either in a nice box or bouquet, or casually placed in their office/home where they'll not notice it until it's too late, apply in THIS COMMENT.

Mini FAQ

Q. What is happening?
A. Lucifer has stolen some magic rings, and given them to some people who are going to make the crazy.

Q. Does my character need to actually have the ring to be affected by them?
A. No. All your character needs to do to be affected by the ring is to be in the general vicinity of someone holding it, sniff/carry around one of Raina's magic flowers, or be in close contact with someone affected by the oneiroi virus.

Q. How do I join in?
A. There will be a log put up for each stage of the plot, just throw up your own starters! Otherwise feel free to start your own logs, or post your own things to the network. Go wild!

Q. What if I want to opt out?
A. Easy, just don't come into contact with any of the magic rings, flowers, or infected people.

Q. When do the effects wear off?
A. The effects will wear off at midnight on the last day of each ring's three day grace period. Otherwise, all three rings can be overpowered: feelings are the cure to the oneiroi virus, Raina's flowers can be destroyed or abandoned, and war can be overpowered by peace...or immobilization.

Q. Can my characters be affected by more than one ring?
A. Yes absolutely, they just need to find themselves exposed to another ring to be affected by it too!

Q. Will NPCs be affected too?
A. You betcha. It's probably best not to be in a restaurant after Jeff leaves, and the locals start a literal food fight. Baguette to the head anyone? What do you mean the pilot fell asleep, who's going to land the plane? And the post-church service orgy is going to be... Well, you get the idea. It's chaos out there. It's the apocalypse, after all.

Q. What will happen to the rings?
A. Dean will be collecting them during the plot. You're welcome to accuse him of keeping dangerous things where any old dark lord can get them, try and steal them for yourself, etc. but ultimately Dean needs them so that when he goes back to his own time he can still cram Lucifer back into Hell.

Q. What about Death's ring?
A. Lucifer will be holding onto this ring himself, since it's very powerful. It's bait, to bring Sam and Dean to him, but it may just annoy Death herself, so keep an eye out.

Q. I noticed that in the War section it mentions violence and mood swings and murderousness/the Famine that my character is restraining themselves from is slaughtering innocents; can my characters kill NPCs?
A. There are a limited number of NPC death slots (30), which means that if your character does want to murder they can do so. In the interest of keeping track of numbers, there is a section to fill out below. However! There may be extra slots left over, so please mention whether or not you'd like more kills attributed to your character, and once everyone's chimed in, I'll review the numbers and get back to you!

Q. What about player character death and/or game world destruction?
A. As with any player character death or game world destruction, permission has to be given by the mods, so please go HERE!

Q. I have another question!
A. Ask it below!

So plot, profit! If you have any further questions then ask below, otherwise fill out the plotting blurb for each of your characters (or not) and go crazy.
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